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【Editor’s Pick】Selected Papers on Control and Robotics

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  • 2020-06-02
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Networked Control Systems: A survey of Trends and Techniques

X.-M. Zhang, Q.-L. Han, X. H. Ge, D. Ding, L. Ding, D. Yue, and C. Peng


A Survey of Multi-robot Regular and Adversarial Patrolling

L. Huang, M. C. Zhou, K. R. Hao, and E. Hou


The Need for Fuzzy AI

Jonathan M. Garibaldi


Granular Computing for Data Analytics: A Manifesto of Human-Centric Computing

Witold Pedrycz


Feature-based aggregation and deep reinforcement learning: a survey and some new implementations 

Dimitri P. Bertsekas


Advances in control technologies for wastewater treatment processes: status, challenges, and perspectives

A. Iratni and N.-B. Chang


Encoding-Decoding-Based control and filtering of networked systems: insights, developments and opportunities

Z. D. Wang, L. C. Wang, S. Liu, and G. L. Wei


An Overview and Perspectives On Bidirectional Intelligence: Lmser Duality, Double IA Harmony, and Causal Computation

L. Xu


On Cost Aware Cloudlet Placement for Mobile Edge Computing

Q. Fan and N. Ansari


Balance Control of a Biped Robot on a Rotating Platform Based on Efficient Reinforcement Learning

A. Xi, T. W. Mudiyanselage, D. C. Tao, and C. Chen


H∞ Consensus Control of Discrete-Time Multi-Agent Systems Under Network Imperfections and External Disturbance

A. Elahi, A. Alfi, and H. Modares


A Real Time Self-Tuning Motion Controller for Mobile Robot Systems

M. Boukens, A. Boukabou, and M. Chadli


Event-Triggered Differentially Private Average Consensus for Multi-agent Network

A. J. Wang, X. F. Liao, and H. B. He


Distributed Majorization-Minimization for Laplacian Regularized Problems

J. Tuck, D. Hallac, and S. Boyd


Communication Scheduling and Remote Estimation With Adversarial Intervention

X. Gao, E. Akyol, T. Basar


Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks and Edge Computing for Rapid Acoustic Monitoring

Z. G. Sheng, S. Pfersich, A. Eldridge, J. S. Zhou, D. X. Tian, and Victor C. M. Leung


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