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Essential Research on Fuzzy Systems

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  • 2019-05-15
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▪ The Need for Fuzzy AI
Jonathan M. Garibaldi
This is the inaugural article from the Alfred North Whitehead Laureate Lecture. We are sure you will enjoy it in crystal logic and with nothing of fuzzy thinking.

▪ Granular Computing for Data Analytics: A Manifesto of Human-Centric Computing
Witold Pedrycz
This study identifies the principles of Granular Computing, shows how information granules are constructed and subsequently used in describing relationships present among the data.

▪ Adaptive Fuzzy Dynamic Surface Control of Flexible-Joint Robot Systems With Input Saturation
Song Ling; Huanqing Wang; Peter X. Liu

▪ Finite Frequency Fuzzy H∞ Control for Uncertain Active Suspension Systems With Sensor Failure
Zhenxing Zhang; Hongyi Li; Chengwei Wu; Qi Zhou

▪ Modeling of Energy Consumption and Effluent Quality Using Density Peaks-based Adaptive Fuzzy Neural Network
Junfei Qiao; Hongbiao Zhou

▪ Parameter Optimization of Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Neural Networks Based on PSO and BBBC Methods
Jiajun Wang; Tufan Kumbasar

▪ Pythagorean Uncertain Linguistic Variable Hamy Mean Operator and Its Application to Multi-attribute Group Decision Making
Huidong Wang; Shifan He; Chengdong Li; Xiaohong Pan

▪ A Mode-Switching Motion Control System for Reactive Interaction and Surface Following Using Industrial Robots
Danial Nakhaeinia; Pierre Payeur; Robert Laganière

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