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    Information for Reviewers

Information for Reviewers

IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica (JAS) depends heavily on our reviewers, and we are greatly indebted for maintaining the quality and timeliness of our journal. Thank you for your contribution in assessing manuscripts.

Review Process
The manuscript submission and peer review process is broken down into the following steps:

1)        The Author submits a manuscript.

2)        The Editor-in-Chief assigns Deputy-Editor-in-Chief, and the Deputy-Editor-in-Chief assigns an Associate Editor to handle the review of the manuscript.

3)        The AE selects reviewers to review the manuscript.

4)        The reviewers review the manuscript.

5)        The AE makes a recommendation, which is then reviewed by Deputy-in-Chief and Editor-in-Chief.

6)        The Author receives the final decision.

Navigating the System
All JAS manuscripts go through review in the Manuscript Central at:
When you are invited to serve as a reviewer, you will receive an e-mail with the title and abstract of the paper, a link to accept the invitation, and a link to decline the invitation. By clicking the link, your response will be automatically registered with our online manuscript submission and review system.

Accept review invitation: If you accept the invitation, you will receive a second email. Please click the link in this email to have access to the manuscript for review in your Reviewer Center.

Decline review invitation: If you are unable to review this manuscript and decline, we appreciate you recommending potential reviewers. 

Review Manuscript
Once you are logged in, the Main Menu will be displayed. Please click on the Reviewer Center, where you will find the manuscript listed under "Awaiting Reviewer Scores." You can click on the manuscript title from this point or you can click on the "View Details" button to begin reviewing the manuscript.
While making a judgment on a manuscript, please consider the following points:

·  Originality

·   Technical quality

·   Clarity of presentation

·   Importance in field

·   References

Select the level of each item as

· Excellent

· Good

· Average

· Poor

Your recommendation on manuscript type as

· Review

· Regular paper

· Paper

· Brief paper

Your recommendation on decision as

· Accept

· Minor Revision

· Major Revision

· Reject

If you wish to view the manuscript and the review form simultaneously, click on the HTML or PDF icons – the manuscript will open in a new window. Leave the new window open, switch back to the main window, and open the score sheet by clicking on the Score Sheet tab. Follow the instructions for reviewers provided in the ScholarOne Manuscripts site. 
We encourage you to elaborate on your review in the space provided. Your specific comments will offer valuable feedback to improve future work. It is essential that you click the "Save" button if you wish to exit the review before you submit it to the Editor. When you have completed your review and are ready to submit it to the Editor, click on "Submit."

Note: On the review page, there is a space for "Comments to Editor" and a space for "Comments to the Author." Please be sure to put your comments to the author in the appropriate space.

Getting Help

You can e-mail jas@ia.ac.cn if you need assistance about using the system.

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